Programs & Activities


  1. To work for the creation of equitable, democratic and environmentally clean society.
  2. To improve the quality of education more particularly primary education.
  3. To prevent the environmental pollution and improve the health, hygiene and ecology.
  4. To provide support to the masses during natural calamity in the form of training, resource materials and needs.
  5. To develop scientific models to create awareness for environmental management.
  6. To harness non-conventional energy sources from waste materials and save fuel.

Programs and Activities

  1. Adoption of schools in the backward areas and improve quality of education.
  2. Develop the adopted schools as model schools.
  3. Facilitate scholarships to meritorious and needy students, to persive higher education.
  4. To educate people not to defecate in the open area.
  5. Clean water and sanitation program.
  6. Civil society program at poorest area.
  7. Initiation of research activities on environmental pollution and mitigate consequences of natural disaster.
  8. Media tool kit for HIV/AIDS awareness among masses & Sex Education.
  9. Life skills & Personality Development.
  10. Media tool kit for HIV/AIDS awareness among masses & Sex Education.
  11. Life skills & personality Development.
  12. Drug abuse – dependency management.
  13. Striving for creating awareness about civic sense regarding disposal of domestic waste and keep villages to metropolitan cities clean.
  14. Educate rural people to metropolitan people about the expected global warming and its perinous effects on all living organism on, earth.
  15. A non formal educative efforts on limited source of ground water in Tamil Nadu particularly and creation of awareness regarding wastage of water from domeastic to industrial purposes.
  16. To impress the people on the health effects of all Indians particularly diabetics. Developmental part of importance of starting community colleges and dealing with vocational training program for educated unemployed and women like tailoring, embroidering, radio and TV mechanic, computer servicing, mobile phone services and electronic appliances.
  17. To attend to basic and immediate needs of the poorest slum children.
  18. To spread evil effects of alcoholism and smoking effects among rural and urban youth.
  19. To develop broadminded mentality of the people in general regarding lifesaving and blood donation.
  20. Health oriented camp in rural and slum areas.
  21. Importance of career and courses available for school dropout youth.
  22. Enlightened program involving personality development at the level of graduates.
  23. Identifying air, land and ground water pollution in the areas and taking educative steps for sustaining environment friendly measures.
  24. Attending the needs of destituted senior citizens.
  25. To provide necessary help for the needy handicapped persons.
  26. Education of detection of adulterants in domestic materials.